Hello! We are Kris & Carli, a husband and wife team that have successfully partnered in business for more than a decade. When the opportunity arose to acquire an old school ice cream truck we saw potential to develop the service here on the Island. The “Teddy Bear Treats” truck first rolled down the streets in Victoria in August of 2020.

With our freezers full of great ice cream novelties we were excited to get out and meet the community. The warm reception from our customers has been amazing! So many have shared their fond memories of ice cream trucks from their childhoods. They brought their children and grandchildren along to pass on this sweet tradition.


As a young family of 5, we are enjoying working together in such a positive endeavour. Our 3 children take their turns to ride along with Mom or Dad serving ice cream treats to the Victoria neighbourhoods.


This year we have developed the business by adding a second truck. Our name is changed to “The Ice Cream Truck “. The business is now online and you can receive text notifications when we are in your neighbourhood. We support local business by selling locally produced product. Both trucks have a new look that is fresh and easily recognizable for all those people scrambling to find some change and get out in time to meet us...


We look forward to serving you your favourite treat on a warm sunny day!

Yours truly,

The Jarvis Family